Mission 2022 - National Public Alliance (Saurashtra Janata Paksha + Janata Party)

Saurashtra Janata Paksha is on a mission to establish Saurashtra as an independent state. To regionalise this movement, the party is going to contest Gujrat Assembly Election with the Janata Party, one of the oldest parties of India.
Saurashtra Janata Paksha and Janata Party have allied to contest the upcoming Gujrat assembly Election named National Public Alliance. We are inviting other political parties having mutual ideologies to join the alliance to strengthen the movement.

Prominent founding member of Janata Party, former CM of Gujarat, and former Prime Minister Late Shri Morarji Desai Sahab used to come from the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, he dreamed that Saurashtra should become a separate state, Janata Party’s resolve to realize Morarji Desai’s dream.
Therefore, in the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections, our stand is that a separate state of Saurashtra should be formed. Amreli, which is the district of Morarji Desai, is now going to become the Karmabhoomi of the Janata Party & Saurashtra Janata Paksha alliance- National Public Alliance.