About Saurashtra Janata Paksha

Saurashtra Janata Paksha (SJP) locates itself in the collective aspirations of people and communities of Gujrat especially of Saurashtra, striving to carve out a society based on the premises of social justice and secularism. Since its inception, we are working as the voice of Gujrat. The SJP believes in working for the labourers, farmers, students, and other weaker groups of society. Drawing inspiration from Late Morarji Desai SJP strongly stands against communalism, discrimination, capitalism, and familialism in any form. The party believes that the right of peaceful and democratic dissent including Satyagraha/ non-violent resistance is a fundamental right of the people.
SJP, as a political party in India, is gradually gaining very strong support in the state of Gujrat. We are continuously evolving as a voice of a democratic society committed to India as a developed country.

Our core issues

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