Saurashtra Janata Paksha - The Legacy

Saurashtra Janata Paksha - The Legacy

Saurashtra Janata Paksha, Founded by Mr. Ashok Parekh . He is individual warrior who always raise his voice for benefits of Saurashtra. After 3 years of establishing Due to Age and Heath issue Mr Ashok Pareskh Got recommend about Mr Shakti Upadhyay. In October 2021 Mr Shakti Upadhyay officially appointed as national President of SJP. We stand for the citizen of Gujrat, especially for the Saurashtra region. The stand on the ideology of Horn. Morarji Desai, former PM of India. Since its inception the party has been proactive for the upliftment of fellow citizens of Gujrat. The party is on a mission to establish an independent state of Saurashtra.

Our Inspiration: Late Shree Morarji Desai

Know Our National President

Mr. Shakti Upadhyay is the current president of Saurashtra Janata Paksha. The main agenda of our National President is to increase the participation of Saurashtra in the politics of Gujarat and to make a different identity on the national lining by becoming the voice of the respected people of Saurashtra.

Since independence, the demand to make Saurashtra a separate state has been raised from time to time. Many eminent leaders of the country have also talked about making Saurashtra a state many times, among them, our inspiration is the former Prime Minister of India, Honorable Morarji Desai is prominent. Saurashtra Janata Paksha raises this demand vigorously.